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Ceropegia woodii variegata “String of Hearts”

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Rooted cutting in sphagnum

Ceropegia woodii variegata “String of Hearts”

You will receive a propagated cuttings of the plant in sphagnum moss.

🗒 This cultivar extremely popular to plant lovers and collectors and is getting harder and harder to find. The leaves come in pink, creme and green colorations and are heart shaped. Variegated String of Hearts are a semi-succulent plant, which means it is more tolerant of dry soil than wet soil and is prone to rotting when left in wet soil for a long period of time. 


☀️ Plenty of bright filtered sun or strong indirect light to keep the pink colors in the leaves and to avoid leggy strings or nodes that are farther aprt from each other.

🌱 Dormant in autumn and winter. Less watering required during this time.

💧 Let the soil mix dry between watering.

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