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Variegated String of Tears (Senecio Herreanus Variegata)

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qqVariegated String of Tears (Senecio Herreanus Variegata) in 3 inch pot similar to the 2nd photo.

This listing features my propagated variegated string of tears (Senecio Herreanus Variegata) growing in a starter plug. It has cream and green variegated leaves that are shaped like raindrops. It will even turn blush color if it is give a bright filtered indirect sunlight. You must provide a this plant gritty mix for great drainage. Do not leave the soil soaking wet. Wait to dry before each watering.

String of foootballs and string of raindrops are some of the common names given to this plant.

Heat pack is only needed for destination with low temperatures that are between 32 to 21 degrees.

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