Callisia gentlei var Elegans

Callisia gentlei var elegans is an exotic looking uncommon variety of callisia, a genus of Commelinaceae family. It has soft and velvety dark green leaves with silver pinstripe pattern on top while underside has a purple coloration. 

Callisia gentlei var Elegans

My photos in this article have had 12-16 hours of light indoors under a high PAR full spectrum grow light. Lack of bright light will make it stretch and lose its stripes.

Pruning the stem from time to time helps when it becomes ‘leggy’. 

I’d recommend using a gritty mix  to avoid overwatering. Keeping it on the dryer makes this plant thrive and can

Elegans can tolerate neglect pretty well. I keep mine  dry and water only when I feel that the pot it’s planted on is light- meaning soil is dry and it’s time to water. It does well in a gritty mix soil medium similar to the ones you’d use on succulents. 

Callisia gentlei var elegans produces small white flowers that are like any other tradescantias, will only last for a day. has a trailing habit which will make it perfect for a hanging basket.  

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