Callisia Repens Rosato ‘Pink Panther’

Callisia repens Rosato nicknamed ‘Pink Lady’ by the entity that patented it. Pink panther is the name used in the states and Canada. 

Callisia Repens Pink Panther

“Callisia repens “rosato” is a patented plant by the Eden Collection, a grower in the Netherlands. Rosato was a naturally occurring mutation of callisia repens golden.” - Dorothy Mosquera

“When Rosato was patented, the nickname given at the time was pink lady. Eden did not know this was already a nickname that people had used for callisia repens variegata. This is why both plants can legitimately be referred to as pink lady.” - Dorothy Mosquera

“The name ‘pink lady’ actually predates the patent filed for ‘Rosato’.” - Erica Jane

The following is how I care for my callisia repens pink panther. Please understand that I am sharing what works for me. It may or may not work for you. Each living condition and all other elements that the plant needs will be different from one collector to the other. The key is experience, trial and error and a little bit of research. 

They seem to do very well in the following living condition.

  • 16 hours under bright lighs
    • 5500 Kelvin (daylight white) shop light (NOT even a full spectrum led grow light)
    • 40000+ lumens from my light meter app on my iphone
  • another led light
    • full spectrum with minimum of 600-800 micromole of PAR - check your grow light specs for this info
  • 2 inches away from the light
  • fast draining soil mix (NOT soil(less) mix
  • monthly fertilizer feeding
  • weekly pruning ✂️✂️✂️

My most successful way of propagating this beauty is by using (besgrow new england brand) sphagnum moss.

Some of my callisia repens ‘Pink Panther’ are also able to thrive outdoors (I’m in California). I have a gorgeous pot in my porch which receives bright light all day long. It gets a direct morning sunlight and bright, warm indirect sun all afternoon.  I grabbed this pot from my porch to take a better photo so I can show how healthy it is growing outdoors.  


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