My recipe for a homemade insecticidal soap/solution.

The following are natural/home made insecticide recipe that I’ve tried and had been successful after a few treatments. 

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It is crucial that treatment is done ONLY at dusk (or dawn) if the plant you’re treating is outdoor. If the plant is indoor and you’re using growlights, please be sure your it’s off. Spraying your plant on a sunny day (or when grow lights are on above the plant) will severely damage/burn the leaves.

Do not water your plants within 24 hours after treatment or plan on days when rain isn’t expected within 24 hours after application.

In my experience, this is the best method of preventing any unwanted pests or plant diseases. I treat my plants every two weeks.

However, if pests infestation or plant disease is already present, it can also be effective. Remember that you will need to treat the infected plant more than once or twice to completely get rid of the problem.

Common solution (for prevention of fungal disease):
1 gallon water
3 tbsp baking soda

Common solution (for pests):
1 gallon water
2.5 tbsp dish soap (must not contain bleach)

Stronger solution (when disease or pests are present):
1 gallon water
2 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp dishwashing soap
2 tbsp neem oil

Simply mix all the items above in your favorite sprayer and apply. 

ALWAYS do a patch test first before applying the mixed solution to your entire collection. This will help you determine if your solution is too strong if you see any leaf burn after application.

Also, it is a basic knowledge for any gardener that prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure. Make it a habit! 

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