Tradescantia Mundula Variegata Lighting Guide

Tradescantia Mundula Variegata Lighting Guide

Please read some specific information below that you can follow for a healthy and thriving tradescantia mundula variegata.

As always, my advise are based on what I learned from keeping tradescantias indoor and outdoors from my home in Californa. Please remember that not all living conditions will be exactly the same. What works for me might possibly not work for you. The best way to learn is by trial and error.


Outdoor lighting condition that worked for me

• All day natural sunlight (I live in Northern California) during spring and summer time.
• Morning direct light and afternoon indirect light


* Full spectrum led grow light that produces a total of 800 +/- micromole of PAR
* pot is at least 5-6 inches away from the light
* kelvin: 5500 daylight white
* 12-16 hours of light daily

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