What to do with your Chic Planting plant order upon arrival?

Here are some basic plant tips on what to do with any of your plant order from Chic Planting when you get them from the mail.


  • Bring the box inside your home as soon as the courier delivers it asap, this is very important especially to those destinations thats experiencing cold and snow weather forecast.
  • Open the box and carefully take the plant out of the recycled paper. 
  • Sometimes, the wrapped plants will be taped to the box so that the plant will stay still while in transit - again, for little to zero foliage bruising. CAREFULLY Cut the tape and free the wrapped plant.


  • Avoid placing your plant in bright sunlight or directly under your grow light right away. Your plant had been cooped up in the dark for several days and placing it in a bright light right away as soon as it’s unboxed will shock your plant that may cause it to deteriorate or worst, die!


  • If your order are plant cuttings (not planted in soil in a nursery pot), it will come with moist paper towel wrapped on the last exposed node of the stem, wrap in plastic and then taped to hold during transit. Remove the tape, plastic and moist paper towel carefully and place your cuttings in water - be sure that only the last node is dipped in water (NOT the entire stem) - think flowers in vases 😅
  • If your order is a rooted/established plant growing in a nursery pot, check if the soil is dry and water. Do not leave the soil and substrate dripping wet for a long period of time. Your plants’ root will rot and the plant will die. 
  • Here is the information on what is in your plant’s soil for all Chic Planting plants - What kind of soil and other ammendments do I use for for all my tradescantia plants’ soil mix: Best Potting Soil for Tradescantia
  • 🛑 DO NOT REPOT your plant as soon as you get them or in the next few days or even weeks. There’s a general standard that everyone follows on when or when not to replant your new plant purchase. But what I always say is that only you can tell if your plant had been acclimated to it’s current living condition or not. So repotting it will depend on your judgement on how the plant looks and behaves.


  • Acclimate SLOWLY towards the light. 


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