Your order from Chic Planting has shipped

What to do when you receive an email from me saying that your order has shipped.

  • Find the tracking number in the email and check how many days your package will be in transit. The courier will give you an estimated time of when the package will arrive.
  • As a buyer myself, I do my due diligence by adding my phone # in the notification from the courier so I will get an updated information on where my package is at right when the courier scan the package. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME!
  • Be patient. You're newest plant baby is on it's way.

What to do when the package is delayed.

  • After tracking your package and the transit days has passed it's estimated time of arrival, it is your responsibility to contact your local USPS or UPS to check what's holding the package from getting delivered.
  • It's always best to send me a message just letting me know that you've tracked your package, know there's a delay, and that you've already contacted the courier and is just waiting for any updates.

What to do when you receive your package.

  • Please remember that the plant photo of my listings are stock photos of plants for sale. This means that the plant you will receive is not the exact plant that was in the photo but is similar in terms of size, variegation, and 'bushy-ness'
  • I ship all plant with as much care as I can. For information on how I specifically ship a plant, you can follow this link: How Czarina packages plants for shipping to new homes. As much as I try to protect each leaf on your plant babies, some damage are still to be expected as there are things that will be out of my control.
  • Not all plants will have the same reaction to being cooped up in the dark with barely any air not space to breathe. Tradescantia plants are hardy and plants I send are as healthy as I would want to receive my own plants in the mail. But some of them will lose leaves - this is normal. DO NOT WORRY! They will grow back. As long as the roots are healthy, you do not have to get stressed.
  • Be ready for your new plant! They will adjust to their new living condition. 95% of my plants are grown indoors and receives 16 hours of light (full spectrum led grow lights). When you receive them, you MUST acclimate each and every single pot you receive.
    • DO NOT expose the plant to extremely bright light right away as this will shock them. You have to slowly ease them towards the light daily.
    • DO quarantine the plants. I have a monthly maintenance schedule of treating all my plants from pests and can assure you that I only send pest free plants. This doesn't mean you easily put the plant with the rest of your collection as soon as you receive them. YOU NEVER KNOW! Plants that were mailed moist can develop fungal disease during transit. It's always best to quarantine, not only my plants you receive, but every single new plant you bring in to your home.